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The most important and distinguishing factor of Natasha V Broodie's public lectures and courses is that her content draws from practical, proven and powerful tactics used in her professional past that have consistently landed her high-level positions and high paid contracts with some of the most powerful organisations in the world. 

Unlike the majority of professional development advisors and coaches, Natasha doesn't use theories or web-initiated research to instruct. Instead, each tip, advice, suggestion and methodology has already been tried and proven extensively through a 20-year history of nailing the job application process while learning from failures along the way. In the pool of thousands of rejection letters, automated emails and ignored phone calls there lies a trail of truly astonishing successes. Not a single position on her career ladder has Natasha obtained through bump ups, back doors or by the philosophy of "it's not what you know, it's who you know." No, every job scored has been won by shrewdness, crafty dictation, and precision in timing. 

Of her most notable positions, Natasha has written and edited global communications at the UNDP Bureau of External Relations and Affairs. On the Freedom of Expression Unit at UNESCO, she helped to train and inform prosecutors and members of the judiciary on the safety of journalists with a spotlight on crimes against female journalists. For the UK government's diplomatic mission, she managed and oversaw departmental budgets while climbing the humanitarian ladder, serving as the focal point for the Western Sahara to assist Fifth Committee negotiations. 

The most notable feedback from colleagues and clients consistently remark on Natasha's ability to translate dense, technical documents into reader-friendly content that is both engaging and easy to understand.

Merging her highly artistic background with international diplomacy work fueled by exceptional communication skills, Natasha stands as a proven leader, skilled advisor and promising innovator.


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