3 Healthy Habits for Mastering the Interview

Updated: Aug 12

A new way to break through your upcoming interview.

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Nothing says, ‘I’m taking back control of my life,’ like the words, ‘I quit!’ If you have yet to enjoy the pleasure of sacking your employer on your terms, I will leave you to fantasise the outcome. However, if you have had the pleasure, undoubtedly, the experience was either preceded by or immediately followed by the increasing anxiety of unemployment woes.

Unemployment anxiety is possibly one of the strongest reasons for why we do not dare to leave our place of security. Surely we say that it’s better to be stuck in a familiar hell than to be trapped in a new devilish system without monetary compensation. Similarly, there is a rising total of those who have lost their job due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak. They are left to face the same fear, for which they had not been prepared to do so.

Lately, friends, family and clients have been contacting me to share stories about either the sketchy reasons for why they were thrown under the bus by their employer during the rise of Covid-19 or how they were laid off by their employer as more businesses have been forced to fold. Having been here before, I understand this very well; the sudden departure from your financial stronghold, regardless of how you got there, undoubtedly sparked some doubts and fears.

If you find yourself back at the beginning where you must start job-hunting in the belly of the beast, then this article is for you.

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