HBIC: Head B in Charge

Updated: Aug 11

Take back control of your life.

This week, I publicly declared I don’t want to be the driver of the limo.

Nor do I want to be the one in the back seat of the limo.

Instead, I want to be the one who creates, designs and owns the limousine and its distribution services.

A few years ago, an old bestie of mine introduce the term HBIC: Head B* in Charge. She and her sister had been using the term to describe, non-other than their mother. Having been received into this family like an adopted child since before I lost my own mother, I knew this family quite well. And with that knowledge, the immediate reception to the endearing term confirmed Mama №2 was truly the HBIC of all HBICs. Only a fool would ever mess with Mama.

The rest of this story has nothing to do with Mama №2. Instead, it is about knowing who is the HBIC in a closed environment. In a comedy special called Equanimity and the Bird Revelation, Dave Chappelle cleverly tells the story of Iceberg Slim.

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