Give Me Tea Please, is a guidebook written exclusively for non-native English speakers on how to use the English you already know more professionally.

Are you trying to use English in a professional setting yet getting strange looks? The guidebook presents a new angle on the three most dangerous words you might be using in a professional environment: YOU, WHAT, and WANT. When used, these taboo words lead to accusations of defensiveness, aggression and victimization. Give Me Tea, Please, provides simple instructions on how to avoid these hot words by using a clever mixture of formal, informal, direct, and indirect language.

When should all eliminate YOU, WHAT and WANT from business English? How is formal, informal, direct, and indirect language really used at the international level? Find out from a United Nations advisor turned Global Trotter whose recent worldwide journey tracked the damaging effects of intercultural gaffes when colleagues and clients use English at work.

Craft your words wisely!